Vod was founded by Suleiman Osmanoski with Kemal Osmanoski who has a degree in Marketing. The company was founded in 2009 and during its operation has obtained rather positive results. With the increasing of the European crisis, we can see the economic situation in our country and therefore come up with affordable prices. This company manages to grow as the result of good quality work and expansion of its market, we offer products with favorable
prices and high quality, every product has a warranty and service. Our staff knows how to successfully carry out tasks thanks to its successful work and long experience. Because of the growing demand in the market of this kind of materials we have opened two more outlets in Labunishta and Podgorci.

 Our motto is: quality work brings success, and success brings satisfied customers.

Termo-Vod designes and makes objects for heating system and  plumbing system  (heating-cooling and ventilation), gas plants, projects for saving energy and renewable energies.